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There is nothing more satisfying than looking at your own garden, and lmsaleus offers a wide variety of flower varieties! Delicate, lovely, rare, strange, all kinds you want!🔥

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4 Products
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Customer Reviews

4 Reviews

My Australian garden. It's amazing. Although there are not many flowers in bloom now, there will be more and more in the future.


This is the result of my continuous hybridization with the long tube lycoris, and you can see that the color is getting bluer and bluer, and it is almost sky blue. Sometimes you can see some blue flowers from the Internet, it is fake impossible, real flowers look like this.


I am shocked every time I see Plumeria rubra. This just right gradient, the collision of colors, the subtle rotation Angle, like a function curve, human beings are just the porters of nature.


This is what spring should be like! I love clematis! The perfect wall-climbing plant! It is much better than the rose, without spraying pesticides all the time, even at high temperatures can survive!