Unveiling the Beauty of Agapanthus africanus: A Lily of the Nile Delight!

Explore the wonders of Agapanthus africanus, also known as Lily of the Nile, an effortlessly thriving perennial from Southern Africa. 🌍

Create a garden spectacle with massive, fragrant florets in 8" umbels. This evergreen perennial features glossy strap-like leaves, forming elegant clumps.

Our breeding experts present a unique pink Agapanthus variety. Large clusters of alternating pink and white petals bloom, unveiling layers of color like a gorgeous painting.

Medium-sized Agapanthus, 18" to 24" tall, forms clumps 2-3 feet wide. Erect stems bear large clusters of pink flowers, adding vibrancy to your garden. Invite hummingbirds to your garden! Plant Agapanthus in containers or beds for frequent visits from these delightful pollinators.


💐Perfect for accents, edging, or ground cover, Agapanthus thrives in containers and makes stunning cut flower arrangements.


How To Grow

  • 💧Easy to grow and low-maintenance, Lily of the Nile tolerates neglect. Plant in fast-draining soil, water regularly during the growing season, and watch it naturalize.
  • ❄️Frost-tolerant Agapanthus thrives in full sun or light shade (zones 8-11). Protect from extreme cold, and watch it bloom magnificently.


How To Buy Agapanthus africanus?

You can place your order by visiting our official website or directly clicking this link.Don't miss this opportunity to infuse magic into your garden!🌿🌺